Canaima’s House Project

Located in the city of Nules, Spain, the Canaima Residential complex provided the possibility of increasing the quality of life, comfort and tranquillity to a city with great relation with the ceramic industry, which ended up influencing the urban architecture itself. We set out to build and promote this housing complex to ensure the access of the middle class to new and high quality construction standards.

This is a private condominium, with a total of 26 single-family villas, divided into two built fronts. The layout of the buildings allowed the creation of a common inner courtyard, to strengthen the relations and security of all the families living there, as well as the creation of a shade space that, together with the pleasant thermal sensation of the Mediterranean, makes it ideal for socializing.

As far as the actual villas are concerned, the standard type includes 3 levels: ground floor, with leisure areas, kitchen, sanitary installation and private outdoor patio; the first floor, with two bedrooms with an integrated bathroom; and a second floor with two other bedrooms. It should be noted that there is a 4th level, the basement, for collective usage, that has individual garages, guaranteeing the parking of two vehicles per housing unit.

The construction was completed in early 2008. It was a successful project, that still maintains its qualities, due to the quality of the project.

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