Management defines and approves the policy and objectives of quality. These are disclosed in the company through their posting, information actions, clarification and are reviewed whenever it proves appropriate.


Design and build appealing and differentiated solutions to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders without compromising the functionality and ensuring high standards of aesthetics and design.


To be recognized as a organization of reference in the construction and metallurgical market, through the differentiation based on product innovation, design and engineering.

Quality policy

The guiding policy of Accstage in its relationship with all stakeholders in its activity is characterized by a proactive, cooperative, constructive, transparent, rigorous and valorising behavior of all parties, taking into consideration the four Management Perspectives:

Perspectives on sustainability

Ensure sustainability that allows sustained investments and in harmony with the interests and needs of stakeholders, always keeping in mind the concerns of economic and financial sustainability, and guarantee financial return. O1

Internal perspective

Ensure a demanding, clear and continuous relationship with customers and their stakeholders that have a direct impact on the efficiency of services, in order to guarantee the adequate operational conditions for the delivery of products and services and the better management of resources, choosing a selection and continuous evaluation of their performances and the best price and quality relations, complying with the agreed deadlines and respecting the technical guidelines and applicable legal requirements. O2

Learning and knowledge perspective

Provide adequate working conditions and ensure that human resources are endowed with technical and behavioral skills enabling them to be developed either by the services provided and / or by promoting internal and external training. O3

Customers and relevant stakeholders perspective

Ensure a quality service recognized and seek to offer products and services that respond to the needs and expectations of customers on a consolidated basis of trust in the success of prior actions privileging interpersonal relationships, know-how and know-to do. O4

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