Lousada Padel Park

Padel Pavilion

Project Year: 2018

This project is part of the sports complex of Lousada, Portugal. The objective of this project is to add to the existing spaces a new sport component: Padel, a sport that’s feeling an exponential growth and counts more and more players.

With a strong visual impact the developed concept aimed to try to give maximum lightness to the new building. For this, through the difference in dimensions between the terraces, the east facade (the one with the most visual strength) loses height and, at the same time, the inclusion of false facades with trees inside allows the pavilion to connect it to nature.

The constant interaction between the building and the vegetation is one of the differential factors that the project presents. Even inside the pavilion, the goal was to reinforce this relationship so that the pavilion, although completely covered, has a close connection with the outdoor space.

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